Quick summary: 4 big wins in which voters did the impossible in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington: Agreed that our families need the protections of marriage!

So that’s pretty exciting. But this victory for equality didn’t “happen”. To put some numbers on it: 27,000 volunteers made 900,000 phone calls and knocked on 400,000 doors to get 1.3 million Minnesotans to vote No.

Just New Mexico is a working group of New Mexicans united to move our state toward marriage equality.

We need practical, concrete solutions to the problems related to our families’ legal status. We believe that this is the time. With your help, we can get equal treatment for same-sex couples under New Mexico law.

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If you’re wondering who we are, how we see the problem and our mission to solve it, what our plan is, or why anyone would want to be married, use the links at the top to explore.

If we’ve made the sale–you know what marriage means and you want it for yourself or your friends/relatives/colleagues/same-sex couples in NM–all we ask of you is that you join us.