working to let NM ring since 2008


Who are you?

We’re committed couples, married and unmarried, who want New Mexico law to recognize and respect our families.

Some of our members are families, friends, or colleagues who support us.

Some are fair-minded New Mexicans who are themselves married, and understand that joint taxes, divorces and inheritance rights as well as end-of-life decision-making are important family protections.

Some are gay and lesbian people who understand that the fight for marriage equality is the remaining barrier to LGBT New Mexicans enjoying full and equal citizenship–although they do not have an interest in marrying.

Why are you doing this?

Have you wondered about your legal status as a same-sex couple in New Mexico?

Have you asked yourself, When will a DP bill finally pass? Will it take another 7 years? What if we break up or my partner dies in the meantime?

Have you said to your spouse, “Hey, we should sue for our right to use our marriage certificate”?

Us too. We need practical, concrete solutions to the problems related to our families’ status under NM law. We believe that this is the time. With your help, we can get equal treatment for same-sex couples under New Mexico law–within the year.

If you want to get your rights, use your rights and most importantly KEEP those rights, please join us.

No, really–why not continue working on a domestic partnership bill?

We believe that we are more likely to get what we want by using all the available avenues to pursue marriage equality. There are two organizations in NM engaged in continuing efforts toward legislating domestic partnership rights. We’re taking another tack.

We understand that there will be push-back against a direct request for marriage equality. We expect this will come from well-meaning New Mexicans who don’t understand that we’re asking for civil equality, not religious weddings.

We also expect to struggle against extremist, well-funded national organizations that thrive on making LGBT people second-class citizens, regardless of what goal we are pursuing. What we’ve learned in our years fighting for DP status, however, is that our community is already facing these problems.

What’s the plan?

The good news is, we have a plan to get NM couples access to marriage rights here at home and it’s incredibly simple. Keep your eye on our site for updates on the specific steps we’re taking to roll out.

What’s the bad news?

Our plan requires your help in the struggle to create and keep a just New Mexico. It really is simple–but it’s not going to be easy.

If you want marriage equality–and you’re willing to have a conversation with another New Mexican about it–we need you on our team.

Please click here to join Just New Mexico. We will put your email on our list for Action Alerts. We will tell you when and where we need help. That’s all.

When are your meetings?

At this time, we are an all-volunteer organization. We can’t offer fundraising drives or required meetings using uncomfortable, flimsy folding chairs. We’d love to organize a picnic or something, and if you want to help with that, let us know.

No, really–where is the button to donate money?

Right now, we don’t need money. It’s true that we are developing the infrastructure that may be required for us to keep our rights. Odds are, we’re going to need to spend some money on it. We’ll let you know when small amounts of your money become a part of the plan.

If we’ve made the sale–you know what marriage means and you want it for yourself or your friends/relatives/colleagues/same-sex couples in NM–all you have to do to join is give us an email address where you can receive action alerts.


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